IT Services


Wireless network access is available throughout the college buildings. 

As a member of the University of Oxford, you should be able to connect to Eduroam using your Remote Access Account credentials.  On the University IT Services pages you can find an Eduroam Configuration Guide and a helpful configuration tool which you can download.

If you are not a full member of the University, as is the case for a number of Wycliffe scholars and visitors, you can be given access to our own in-house network of WHNET - please contact the IT office for assistance with this.

Ethernet is also available throughout College in all common rooms and teaching rooms, and most of the bedrooms also. Ethernet or wired connection is recommended for devices that have the functionality -  it is faster and more reliable than wifi, and no special login process is required. Please note however that, in accordance with University rules and requirements, the College has the right to audit your use of the network.

Online Resources

Much academic information for students is held on the Wycliffe Weblearn site. You will need your SSO credentials to login.  If you do not have permissions to certain sub sites or pages please request this from either the IT office, or from any member of academic staff who will be able to pass on the requirement.


Students may use the Sharp printer/copiers which are stationed in the library, and in the basement of the main admin offices. These are managed by the 'Papercut' software: setting this up on your own computer is a complex process but should only need doing once. Please send a request to the IT office for the instructions.

Shared Computers

A set of five PCs are available in the College Library. The computers have generic software installed; Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, etc and you can send print jobs from them to the library copier/printer.

Personal Computers

You can use your own computer within the College, but both the College and the University do require that it be properly secured against malware, and that the operating system be kept up to date - not just for your own protection, but that of the whole network. Please keep up to date with recommendations and information on the IT Services website.

If you need advice concerning a problem with your personal computer please drop into the IT Office which is shared with the Librarian.  Minor repairs can be performed in the IT Office, however we may refer you to University IT Services who provide specific services including hardware repairs and upgrades, and where you can register and insure your own computer for a fairly nominal cost.