Bachelor of Theology (BTh)

The Bachelor of Theology (BTh) is designed to give students a strong foundation in Christian ministry and theological study.  It provides an excellent framework for ministerial preparation, being both academic and practical.  Through lectures, seminars, and a sustained piece of written work on the student’s choice of topic, the course provides a broad knowledge and understanding of the beliefs, practices, texts and history of the Christian tradition. The Bachelor of Theology at Wycliffe Hall offers:  

  • A foundational introduction to the core disciplines of theology, ministry, and apologetics
  • Teaching by core Wycliffe Hall staff and university faculty  
  • All the intellectual rigour of the University of Oxford, combined with the pastoral and ministerial insights of Wycliffe tutors 
  • Flexible assessment structures  
  • An evangelical ethos with the opportunity to participate in formational activities and the life of the worshipping community   
  • The opportunity to delve into a topic of your interest via a dissertation or project

Course Structure

The Course Director for the BTh at Wycliffe Hall is Dr Ben Johnson.

The course consists of eighteen papers delivered via lectures and seminars, and the opportunity to write either a sustained piece of theological reflection arising from your experience or professional practice, a theoretical-based dissertation, or a project report.  Upon successful completion of the course, the student is awarded the degree of Bachelor of Theology from the University of Oxford.  This course can be studied either full- or part-time.  For a general overview of the course, please see the University of Oxford Department of Continuing Education’s webpage for Theological Studies.

Wycliffe Hall students enrol in either the Apologetics or Theology and Ministry Track and take the following papers over the course of their first year.

Alternative papers not listed above may possibly be taken but are subject to availability, timetabling, course regulations, and approval by the Course Director.

In their second and third years, students choose twelve papers from the following options, with at least one paper from each section (B, C, D, E) with E papers counting as two:   

  • A11 Elementary Biblical Hebrew   
  • A12 Elementary Biblical Greek
  • B1 Studies in the Old Testament 
  • B2 Studies in the New Testament   
  • B4 A New Testament Book  
  • B6 Advanced New Testament Hebrew
  • B7 Advanced New Testament Greek
  • C1 Issues in Church History
  • C2 Issues in Christian Doctrine
  • D1 Issues in Christian Ministry 
  • D3 Christian Ethics
  • D4 Issues in Mission
  • D5 Issues in Christian Worship 
  • D7 World Religions   
  • E2 Dissertation
  • E3 Project

These papers may also be on offer but cannot be guaranteed every year:   

  • B3 Biblical Interpretation   
  • B5 An Old Testament Book 
  • C5 A Special Theologian

Formational Activities

Students have the option of participating in the many formational activities offered at Wycliffe Hall, including daily chapel services, weekly fellowship group meetings led by a Wycliffe tutor, placements with churches or other ministries, preaching classes, and missions.

Entry Requirements  

  • Students applying to Wycliffe Hall must be at least 21 years old.

For further entry requirements, please see the University of Oxford Department of Continuing Education’s webpage for Theological Studies.


For tuition fees, please see the University of Oxford Department of Continuing Education’s webpage for Theological Studies.

Accommodation fees can be found on the Wycliffe Hall Accommodation webpage.

In addition, Wycliffe Hall students pay a termly Common Room fee, the amount of which is decided on a yearly basis but usually approximates £50.00.

How to Apply

Students apply directly to Wycliffe Hall through our online application system. For further information about the application process please read the information on the page about the Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies which can be found here. Please note that all students wishing to study for the BTh have to attain the necessary standard in their first year of study.  For more information and  if you are wishing to apply for 2018 it is important to contact John Michaux our Admissions Officer on either + 44 (0) 1865 274205 or first.

Information about visas for non EU and EEA students can be found here