Wycliffe Hall Buechner Prize

2018 prize awarded to Andrew Newell and Andrew Turnbull  |  26th Jul 2018

Every year Wycliffe Hall awards a creative writing Wycliffe Hall Buechner Prize to one of its students. This year first prize was awarded jointly to two of our students, Andrew Newell and Andrew Turnbull.


Andrew Newell, is currently studying for a DPhil in English Literature. He is our first ever English scholar to be a member of Wycliffe Hall, having gained his MSt in English at Wycliffe last year, before moving onto the DPhil this year. His research is on the hymns of the eighteenth-century Evangelical poet, William Cowper. Andrew's full profile is on the English Faculty website.


His poem can be accessed here


Andrew Turnbull is a Canadian, here in Oxford with his wife Julie and their three children as he completes his final year as a doctoral student in modern theology at the University. Andrew was first exposed to Buechner's work as a new Christian in college, where he was assigned The Sacred Journey for a class in spiritual formation. Inspired by Buechner's style of memoir, and his own tragic relationship with his father, Andrew submitted a 5000 word reflection on the mystery of God's work in his own relationship with his mom - focused on three concrete events in her life. Andrew's mom, though only in middle-age, has been institutionalized with mental illness for over a decade. Given the personal nature of the reflection, it is not published online but can be requested by email to andrew.turnbull@theology.ox.ac.uk