A Sad Forthcoming Goodbye to Jenni Williams

by Revd Dr Michael Lloyd  |  2nd May 2019

We are sorry (from our point of view) to announce the really sad news that Revd Dr Jenni and Revd Jon Williams have been appointed incumbent at St Matthew’s Grandpont, Oxford, as a job share. Jenni will be 75%, so will not be returning to Wycliffe after her Study Leave, which she is taking currently. I cannot express how much we shall miss her. She is a great teacher, a great pastor, a great maker-of-things-happen, a great Godly and reassuring presence. Her energy, her knowledge, her wisdom and her compassion and care have meant so much to generations of Wycliffe students.


She has been at Wycliffe for fourteen years – so seven years hard labour, twice! We shall be praying for her and for Jon very much as they take up this exciting new position.  St Matthew’s has made a superb appointment, and we look forward to seeing what God will do through them in the years to come. Do pray for them and the children as they prepare for this major new step. Jon will be continuing with the mixed mode role.