Mixed Mode Training moves into new phase at Wycliffe Hall

Wycliffe Hall will increase focus on Mixed Mode training within the Hall  |  24th Apr 2017

Wycliffe Hall is delighted to announce an increased focus on Mixed Mode training within the Hall as part of its commitment to the Church of England’s Reform and Renewal agenda.

Our Mixed Mode training pathway offers students a truly integrated and stimulating preparation for ministry:

excellent teaching and formation at a college where the teachers are part of Oxford University’s world-class Faculty of Theology and Religion

the chance to be part of a worshipping community preparing for gospel ministry

a compelling missional context in which to put your learning into operation, right from the start.

We’re particularly excited about this pathway because our Mixed Mode pathway allows students to be in the Hall two days a week. This means they feel fully part of the community and participate in our daily acts of worship as well as the teaching. In addition, they are an integral part of our Fellowship Groups, groups which meet to pray together, read the Bible together, laugh together and grow together.

As Mixed Mode becomes more and more part of our central focus, we’ve appointed two ordained and experienced staff to focus on this pathway. Revd Dr Jenni Williams is our Old Testament Tutor but also an SSM in a rural parish. Jenni’s entire working life is done Mixed Mode, which is why she feel so passionate about this pathway! Jenni will be the mixed mode Course Director and look after the Mixed Mode experience in the Hall. Revd Jon Williams is vicar in that same rural parish, with huge experience as a vocations adviser and in pastoral care. Jon will be the Context Supervisor and look after students in their contexts, as well as making links with context churches.

Jon and Jenni said

‘We are delighted about the opportunity of Mixed Mode training at Wycliffe Hall and the prospect of taking ministerial formation forward in this exciting direction. Mixed Mode offers the combination of learning in theological college and placement settings, side by side. At Wycliffe, we believe we are developing a genuinely unique training pathway, which offers the opportunity to train in a worshipping community, learning and living together, together with the opportunity to work in missional contexts. We are looking forward to partnering with churches and dioceses to build a training pathway which is encouraging, wide-ranging and challenging, as together we look to grow the gospel ministers of the future.’

Justyn Terry, our Academic Dean said, "I am delighted that Wycliffe has the Rev Jon and the Rev Dr Jenni Williams leading our mixed mode provision. This complements our residential and part-time training courses and means that students can enjoy the amazing educational opportunities of Oxford in some of the huge range of ministry settings in the area. I hope it will be a great blessing to many."