Wycliffe Wonderland Ball

We celebrated the end of the year with a Wonderland themed evening  |  29th Jun 2016

Charismatic ConferenceWycliffe was transformed into Wonderland on a golden afternoon, or, rather early evening, in mid June. Guests went through the rabbit hole to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party....

(The Hatter, incidentally, bore a curious resemblance to a certain Principal).

The fun continued with tasty sweet treats in the Caterpillar's lair and dancing in the Cheshire Cat's den. A few weeks later, and the College still is covered in a thin layer of glitter! 

As part of the Ball Committee, my hope was to create an evening which would be a fitting way to end off a year at Wycliffe, whether that be a great send-off to this year's leavers, or something to whet the appetite for another year of Wycliffe fun for those returning in September.

It was so wonderful to see the College be transformed into Wonderland after months of preparation, and it was a genuine delight to see guests spotting all the little touches and flourishes. But more than that, it was so great to just stand back and witness everyone having so much fun. Whether people were laughing over dinner, playing on Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum's jousting set, dancing under the strobe lights and Cheshire Cat's grin, posing with flamingos in the photo booth, or soaking up the atmosphere among the make-shift rose bushes, the ball had a wonderful atmosphere of friendship, community, and fun. 


The ball would not have been possible without Emmie Corbett, Chris Alexander, Sue Lepp, Loretta Scolaro, Carola Hernandez-Cappas, Erin Crider, and Jorge Santin; as well as Sarah Hope and the many others who gave up their time to balance precariously on ladders or get covered in glitter; and, of course, to Michael Lloyd and Kristina Masih for unleashing their (not so inner) thespians! 


Report from Hannah Barr

(Photography: Michael Boorman and John Nasri)